taster of fernet

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looking for an little after dinner treat...we've got you covered!

new to FERNET and maybe wanting to give it a try before investing in a bottle, well this is how. 

available as 1oz (typical serving for one), 2oz (to share or for a larger serving), 4oz (to really enjoy) or as a flight of four (if your adventurous), we can help you out!

BRANCA - Manufactured by Fratelli Branca and formulated in Milan in 1845, it is one of the best known of Italian bitters. The recipe is a special journey through the 27 herbs, roots and spices of its special secret and one of a kind formula. Every single herb represents a distinct universe, experience and discovery.

PAESANI - From an ancient recipe born from Ermanno Paesani's passion for mixing herbs and roots, the two types of Fernet of the Fabbrica Liquori Paesani are born: Fernet Paesani and Fernet Menta Paesani.Its composition, made up of herbs, spices and roots, is enriched with an essential oil of peppermint produced in Abruzzo, which gives an overwhelming freshness.


MANZINILLA FRANCISCO- Fernet Francisco Manzanilla was first introduced to the market in 2015 by San Francisco-based fernet enthusiasts, Max Rudsten and Ben Flajnik. It is made with a variety of herbs and botanicals sourced from local Bay Area markets including rhubarb, gentian root, cardamom, bay leaves, orange peels, and peppermint among others. The featured ingredient is German chamomile which is also called manzanilla. Strong bitter core, but it's also fresher and brighter than many from the old country, with leafy herbaceousness and sweet floral notes.

RUIBARBIO FRANCISCO - 12 hand-picked, local herbs and botanicals, carefully selected for their bold aromas and intense flavors. We source all of our ingredients from local markets in the Bay Area of San Francisco with a fierce focus on quality. Using Rhubarb root as the focused botanical, Ruibarbo is the newest expression of Fernet Francisco. Much like Manzanilla, we infuse a medley of aromatic herbs and botanicals for 3 weeks in local grape based brandy using stainless steel fermentors. However, we have increased the overall weight of Rhubarb that’s added to our infusions creating a rounder, sweeter, and slightly spicier liqueur. You’ll also notice that the spearmint and peppermint bontaincals were removed from the process to let the Rhubarb root shine. In place of them are a few “new” additions that help balance the overall profile.