taster of amaro

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looking for an little after dinner treat...we've got you covered!

new to amaro and maybe wanting to give it a try before investing in a bottle, well this is how. 

available as 1oz (typical serving for one), 2oz (to share or for a larger serving), 4oz (to really enjoy) or as a flight of four (if your adventurous), we can help you out!

TOSCANA- made from the infusion of 27 medicinal herbal plants growing in the Tuscan woods using artisanal procedures. It is a genuine spirit with a spicy scent that is full bodied supple and bitter.

SFUMATO - The term Sfumato derives from the Italian word for smoke "fumo". This speaks directly to the profile of this amaro which marries a dark smokiness with nuanced bitter woodsiness from alpine herbs and notes of sweet alpine berries. The main ingredient is a special Chinese Rhubarb for generations grown in Trentino Alto Adige e Veneto, where it has long been used in a variety of amari. Sfumato offers a taste profile that resonates with the character and history of the region.


LINGERA- this classic Italian liqueur is crafted using herbs and spices grown on the property at Berta. Its' deep amber in colour. The nose is complex with aromas of camomile, nuts, orange peel and caramel. The palate is full, intense and perfectly balanced between herbaceous bitterness and caramel sweetness. The finish is long and persistent replete with herbs and spice.

ULRICH- contains the active ingredients of 19 herbs, flowers, fruits and roots, making it an effective and reinvigorating digestif. Top note flavours among the various ingredients are wormwood, gentian and anise, and it is precisely the natural nature of the formula that gives it its unique, unmistakable character.