gibbs honey

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350g each

raw wildflower honey ~ gibbs signature honey, the way nature intended… raw, pure, unprocessed—and totally delicious. Never heated, contains traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax. FLAVOUR: floral, smooth, balanced and not too sweet.

raw whipped honey ~ gibbs takes their raw liquid honey and whip it to a creamy and spreadable consistency…raw, pure—and totally delicious. FLAVOUR: floral, smooth, balanced, not too sweet and spreadable.

raw hopped honey ~ gibbs raw liquid honey infused with locally grown cascade hops…. raw, pure—and totally delicious...they use a cold-infusion method and do not heat the honey preserving its raw state. FLAVOUR: Why hops? Cascade hops have citrus notes and a bitterness which chill out the honey’s sweetness, making it a more herbal/savoury sweet flavour. A must for craft beer lovers

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